A controversial Canadian pastor has been arrested again after arriving at the Calgary International Airport this week.

Artur Pawloski returned from a trip to the United States on Monday and was met by officers from the Calgary Police Service (CPS). Pawloski was taken into custody by the officers on the tarmac.

Global News reports that the CPS did not confirm why Pawloski was arrested, but says it was in relation to warrants of failing to wear a face-covering from March of 2021, and disobeying a court order in June of 2021.

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In a video showing his arrest, an officer can be heard asking Pawloski to put his hands behind his back. Instead, he laces his fingers behind his head and drops to his knees, despite an officer's request to remain standing. He cannot be heard making any comments in the 57-second long video.

Pawloski has become well-known for videos showing him yelling at police officers who came to inspect worship gatherings at his church building on Easter weekend. Pawloski called officers Nazis and yelled at them to get out of his building. 

He and his brother were both arrested in May for holding church services that broke gathering limitations in Alberta. They were both found guilty in June and will be sentenced in October.