As the snow melts in Winnipeg, it reveals some treasures -- garbage -- discarded over the past few months.

Take Pride Winnipeg released its annual litter index, revealing which areas of the city have seen the worst of trash and which have kept their streets a little cleaner.

The organization, which works to raise awareness and promote responsibility in keeping Winnipeg clean, ranks areas of the cities on their litter each year using a scale of one to four.

One represents no litter. Four, however, means there is work to be done.

On the 2020 litter index, Take Pride Winnipeg says Winnipeg's West End showed the worst levels of trash in the city, earning the highest ranking of 2.54.

Not far behind were Winnipeg's Downtown (2.36) and South Winnipeg (2.3) areas.

The lowest rank was given to the South West area, which includes River Heights, Tuxedo, and Charleswood Westdale. They received a 1.73.

With COVID-19, new items like disposable masks and gloves have increased as litter in the city.

The litter index also reveals a list of some of the worst streets for trash in the city. This year's list named 21 streets, including Bishop Grandin Blvd. from Dakota St. to River Rd., Lagimodiere Blvd. from Nairn Ave. to Fermor Ave. and the Kenaston Blvd. and McGillivray Blvd. area generally.