A Parks Administrator says there are many outdoor locations people can enjoy and activities to do within city limits aside from the usual gathering places.

"There are all sorts of things all over the city that people can do in this type of weather," says Kyle Lucyk, the Parks Services Administrator with the Parks and Open Space Division with the City of Winnipeg. 

On top of visiting parks, there are also walking trails groomed throughout Winnipeg.  

"We've got the Heart Trail in Charleswood, Buns Creek, and the Bois D'Espirit. Those are all quite long walking trails that people can walk down that may be less busy than some of the traditional parks," he says.

Winnipeg also has pleasure skating rinks throughout the city. 

"Not all of them are open, as we've been battling this weather all winter to get them established. People can check out our webpage to find out which ones are open."

These rinks are only for pleasure skating, making them ideal for families and even younger children. 

Outdoor skating rink in Winnipeg.Outdoor skating rink in Winnipeg. (Supplied)

"Those are in smaller parks and no hockey is played on those rinks," says Lucyk.

Winnipeg grooms certain paths for cross-country skiers as well. 

"We've got cross-country ski trails at Cresent Drive Park, Harbourview Park, Kildonan Park, Labarrier Park, and Living Prairie Museum in St. Vital."

Lucyk says that all off-leash dog parks in Winnipeg remain open to the public. 

During today's press conference Dr. Brent Roussin commented on people going outdoors. 

"I think it's great, people getting out and staying active. There are lots of benefits from that. I would still encourage Manitobans to watch the group sizes," says Roussin. 

Lucyk says that people can use common sense when it comes to being at a safe distance while at a park, and go to a different one if someone feels unsafe with the number of people. 

Last year the city increased the number of pathways that are cleared in parks for people to enjoy.

"In some of our larger parks, we do have toboggan slides that we're working very hard to get up and running. There are also four designated toboggan hills in Winnipeg," says Lucyk. 

The weather has made some of the maintenance of these parks harder due to mild and melting temperatures, however, they will be up and running as soon as things solidify.