The RM of Richot is assuming responsibility for a roadway that once connected Winnipeg to southern parts of the province before it was replaced by a larger version of itself over a decade ago.

Fifteen years after the new Highway 59 South was built, the old highway's ownership is being given to the municipality it resides in.

“Our government has been working with the municipality to complete this transfer of old Highway 59 south in the area of Ile des Chênes, as it is of local importance and significance to the community and its economy,” Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler says. “We have made this transfer a priority and we are proud to have finally made it happen 15 years after the new Highway 59 was built.”

The highways is a major major trade, tourism and cottage traffic route between Winnipeg and the United States. In 2005, Highways 59 South was expanded to meet the growing needs of travellers.

Building a new twinned highway, double lanes in each direction, the new Highway 59 South travels alongside the community of Ile des Chenes.

In recent years Ile des Chenes has developed around old Highway 59 by adding condos, townhouses, and several businesses. There is also land set aside to be developed, houses along the stretch, and the former Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre location sits along the old highway.

"We continue to be excited with the benefits of a strong provincial and municipal relationship, as we see the transfer of Old Highway 59 South and all the positive outcomes this will have in our community,” RM of Ritchot Mayor Chris Ewen says.

Old Highway 59 north of Provincial Road 210, and Provincial Road 300 within the RM of Ritchot and the City of Winnipeg limits is being transferred to the municipality. The transfer from the province gives the municipality over 14 kilometres of road.

Old Highway 59 south's responsibility now falls under the RM of Ritchot and the municipality is tasked with the road's maintenance.