From the mind that once brought us Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber, a new project is sure to thrill kids of all ages.

Phil Vischer is known for fostering enduring and endearing bonds between children and vegetables. His beloved series, VeggieTales, was known for teaching children about Scripture.

Now, a new project will allow Vischer to continue this mission.

The creator announced earlier this month that he has released a new Bible for children. The publication was created as a tool to help kids engage with and understand the Bible better.

Vischer announced the release in a video posted to Twitter on September 10. He said that he wanted the new JellyTelly Press publication to be a way for kids to become interested in the Bible.

“Kids want to be part of a big story," the "VeggieTales" creator explains. He emphasizes the importance of teaching children the Bible as one large story rather than a series of small ones.

“When we teach kids the Bible, either we do one of two things: we hand them a whole full-text Bible and they drown, they never make it past Leviticus," Vischer says, "or we give them things that are so abbreviated, they’re just little snapshots of Bible stories that don’t have the connective tissue that makes the Bible one cohesive story."

As promised, the new Bible will share 52 stories from creation to Revelation, sharing with kids the Bible's connectedness through short, easy-to-understand versions of its stories.

“Five-minute reads for parents and kids together. You can learn the Bible together with your kids," says Vischer.

In April 2019, it was announced that the Trinity Broadcasting Network and Big Idea Content Group would be relaunching the "VeggieTales" series this fall.