Thanks to a new app, attending church will become a new experience for people with hearing disabilities.

For many who cannot hear, attending church and listening to the Word of God are different realities.

The Deaf Bible Society is changing this, however, for those who require additional hearing assistance, Mission Network News reports.

A new app called the Deaf Bible and the Deaf Church Where? website are working together to create a new experience for people who are hearing impaired.

Scott DeLoach, director of technology for the Deaf Bible Society, says the organization is hoping to see the two apps working together to encourage more people who are Deaf to be involved and engaged with their products.

This engagement is important because while many people who live with hearing impairment can read the Bible, the translation of spoken language can be harder to connect with on the same level through sign language.

The problem of isolation in the church for people who are hearing impaired can come through these communication barriers.

DeLoach says people dealing with these barriers will sometimes choose to not attend church.

"Maybe because they don’t know where the church is, or they think [the church is] not going to have an interpreter service,” DeLoach says, adding that people who are Deaf face limited options when selecting a church.

The new Deaf Bible app gives free and easy access to scripture in many different sign languages around the world, making it more accessible. While the process of building the app was initially very time consuming, completed translations on the app now arrive much sooner, something DeLoach is excited about for users of the app.

DeLoach says the organization can always use prayer as they continue to make God's word accessible and grow churches around the world.

"We always need prayer," says DeLoach.