Dr. Charles Jerry Goff passed away on July 12.

Goff, also known as Mr. Gospel Trumpet in the Southern Gospel Music community, passed away on Friday in Atlanta, Georgia.

Goff was the son of a Church of God preacher and was exposed to Gospel music and the Gospel at an early age. Before long, in his teen years, he fell in love with gospel quartets.

Goff graduated from Lee College in Cleveland, Tennessee, in 1955 with an Associate of Arts Degree, and later received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. A Master’s degree from Vanderbilt University soon followed, and later a doctorate degree from the Emmanuel Baptist University.

Goff is known best for his gospel music and his gospel group The Thrasher Brothers. Goff’s trumpet playing and singing was a highlight in any Thrasher Brothers performance.

Goff launched Jerry & The Singing Goffs after leaving The Thrasher Brothers. It was during those years that Goff earned the name of “Mr. Gospel Trumpet.”

After the Singing Goffs retired, Goff turned his attention to evangelism and solo music work. Goff worked nationally and internationally, preaching and singing in church services, revivals, and crusades.

It was only during the past three years that Dr. Goff purposely began easing out of the spotlight while encouraging the younger members of the Southern Gospel Music community to step forward.

Goff is survived by his wife, Jan Buckner-Goff.