An RCMP sergeant says driving will be difficult Friday night and to stay home if possible.

RCMP spokesperson Sergeant Paul Manaigre says Friday morning saw difficult driving conditions, but he is not expecting Friday evening to be much better. Blowing snow, snowdrifts, and packed snow will create issues on the road.

"If you do not need to be on the roads, today is not a good day," Manaigre says. "All it takes at this point now is some open areas. If the wind picks up, your visibility is going to be next to nothing."

Winds are expected to gust up to 60 km/hour Friday evening.

Manaigre says if you do need to drive, do it before the sun sets and at a slow speed.

On Friday morning, he estimates there were more than 100 vehicles hitting the ditch, with the roads between Winnipeg and Oakbank being particularly treacherous. 

The East District has more than 32 files containing information on crashes, abandoned vehicles, and stranded motorists from Friday morning.