An RCMP officer is being recognized for saving hundreds of dogs throughout her career.

RCMP Manitoba says Constable Stacey Shearer has cared for hundreds of dogs throughout her career, with Thursday being no exception.

The RCMP dispatch for Cross Lake received a call at around 9:30 a.m. about finding a dog and her nine newly birthed puppies on a home's deck. When Shearer arrived she learnt the mother, Goldie, was a stray.

"They were only a few days old. They still had their umbilical cords attached," Shearer says in a statement.

goldie the dogGoldie is the mother of nine puppies being rescued. (RCMP Manitoba)

Taking the puppies and the other in, the officer arranged care.

“Everyone helps out as much as they can in the community... I just try to do my part."

Working with Manitoba Animal Alliance out of Winnipeg, they arranged flights to the capital city. 

The dogs are in her care at home until they leave.

"This is not the first time she has done this … by a long shot. Cst. Shearer has been involved with fostering and rescuing hundreds of dogs, and has bottle-fed a lot of pups. She has two of her own at home as well," RCMP Manitoba says.Having two dogs at home herself, Shearer says she and her co-workers all are dog lovers, something that comes in handy in their community.

"Working in a close-knit community like Cross Lake means that we get involved in many ways that may not be considered traditional policing roles – like helping rescue dogs, Sergeant Greg Sutherland, Commander of Cross Lake RCMP, says. 

Shearer's boss says he is thankful for her dedication to the community.