Minister Ron Schuler says while he understands the hardships and fatigue caused by the pandemic, he needs Manitobans to continue following the fundamentals.

The state of emergency is being extended on Wednesday afternoon in Manitoba by Schuler, who is responsible for the Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization (EMO). Manitobans have been under this order since March 20, 2020.

“Our government understands the hardships and fatigue associated with the ongoing changes and restrictions,” Schuler says in a statement.

He says extending the order will allow the province to respond to the changing pandemic.

“We will continue to adapt and respond to the pandemic, but we need Manitobans to continue to follow the fundamentals to ensure we can move forward on the path of a post-pandemic recovery.” 

The latest extension will last 30 days.

"EMO has been critical in facilitating the province’s overall response to personal protective equipment procurement and provision, developing the Pandemic Response System, ensuring alternative isolation accommodations were available, and advising and co-ordinating the enforcement of public health orders under the state of emergency," the province says in the statement.