The COVID-19 Immunization Task Force is following the lead of other jurisdictions, changing its plan on when people will get their second COVID-19 dose.

Dr. Joss Reimer says that due to a lower amount of vaccines arriving in Manitoba, they are expanding the time required between COVID-19 doses.

"Manitoba will be delaying the second dose," Reimer says. "This is true no matter which vaccine we are talking about."

The doctor is anticipating the National Advisory Committee on Immunization to be releasing additional guidance on the spacing between first and second doses. Reimer hopes that everyone who is eligible chooses to take the vaccine. 

"We need you to protect yourself and the people that you care for by getting the vaccine."

reimerReimer says she will be eligible for her dose later this week as part of the province's health-care worker vaccination plan. (Screenshot: Government of Manitoba/YouTube)

She says this method will help the province vaccinate people quicker, improving the overall scope of protection in the province.

"This helps protect us all. The reason for this decision at this time is based on real-world conditions about the effectiveness of the vaccines that are currently authorized for use in Canada and around the world."

Reimer says after one dose they are seeing a significant improvement in protection against the virus.

Previously, a care home in Winnipeg saw an outbreak of COVID-19 cases in their vaccinated residents but had less severe outcomes. 

"There is more of a clear advantage of getting the vaccine to more people, sooner. However, we know this will require a number of adjustments to our campaign." 

Reimer says they will alert the public when those changes are made.