Farmers and motorists are being encouraged to stay safe during harvest season.

Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler is encouraging motorists and farm families to be cautious on roads during the 2017 harvest season.

"The harvest season is a very busy and exciting time for farm families in Manitoba," said Eichler in a statement. "Now with harvest underway, motorists can expect to see an increase of farm vehicles and equipment moving down provincial roadways.

"[We] ask all Manitobans traveling at this time of year to exercise caution."

The Province says that Manitobans should:

  • take extra precautions when driving past farm equipment
  • ensure farm equipment is properly lit and properly permitted
  • regularly inspect farm equipment
  • take a break to prevent fatigue during long work hours
  • create a safe play area for children on farms

If you are a farmer and plan to have kids or youth help, you can use the North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks to figure out appropriate tasks.