A local musician is hoping to beat out the competition in the Canadian Songwriter Challenge.

Winkler artist Lindsay Rae is part of a group of nine Manitobans vying for a top spot in three songwriting challenges. Every three weeks they're given a new challenge. Currently, the competitors are on the third and final challenge which has tasked them to write a song for TV or film.

At the end of the three challenges, writers of the top three songs will receive a cash contribution towards creative development activities like studio time or a writing trip.

However, more than the grand prize, she says there have been many more benefits along the way.

"What I'm taking away from this is writing from the heart ... often when we do these things we want to write to please someone else," She says. "But it's also about staying true to who we are. That's been the biggest thing, it's okay if someone doesn't like what I've written because it's my work."

"When I'm done ... I still want to stick to the things I'm really good at doing and see where that takes me later on," she adds.

With so many festivals cancelled this year, she says the competition has been the perfect opportunity.