An actor from Steinbach played a big part in a new documentary by Refuge 31 Films that is now streaming on an Amazon Prime super-channel.

Laura Turner says her portion of the documentary was shot last year in mid-October.

"I was a part of the dramatization. There are people talking and being interviewed and then you see the person that they are talking about in the dramatization and that is me. It was so much fun! It is called The Science Fiction Makers and it is about the Christian science fiction sub-genre and I play Madeleine L'Engle who wrote A Wrinkle in Time and so I am in a third of the movie which is super fun."

A collage of photos of Laura and her husband dressed up for the premiereLaura Turner with her husband Scott at their home premiere. (Supplied)

Turner says she has been blown away by the positive responses she has been getting from friends, family, and the media.

"I was expecting it to come out during COVID and I would watch it in my jammies and be like 'hey, there's me,' and that would be it."

With that expectation in place, Turner says she was surprised when her husband Scott pulled out all the stops and hosted a "pandemic premier" for her last week.

"I got dressed up and I come into the living room and he has got our red blanket out on the floor to be a red carpet, he has got sound effects of a crowd cheering playing on his phone and he is all dressed up looking all fine and he is taking pictures of me on the quote-on-quote red carpet. Then we watched it together and every time I showed up on screen he was like 'that's you!' It was so sweet!"

Turner says this project is an incredibly exciting step forward as she pursues a professional acting career.

A still shot from a scene in the film - Laura in a car with family(Refuge 31 Films)


Written by Kenton Dyck