Since he can't travel across the world, Jimmy Keesic is turning to YouTube to share much-loved scripture in hopes of opening hearts to Jesus.

Jimmy Keesic has done Bible projects before including being a key translator in making the cannon accessible in Ojibwe, but in his latest project, Keesic is looking closer at specific Bible verses and talking about the verses in the language he cares so much for.

"This is my last-ditch effort I guess to share the gospel. Jesus said to go into all the world and preach the gospel," Keesic says. "It looks like nobody is doing it so this old man has decided to get up, pick up my cane, my wheelchair, my walker, and here I go."

Since travelling to share the word is not a possibility in the pandemic, Keesic found another way to meet people: Youtube. He says he was inspired by watching others and is following suit.

"My goal is to reach as many Ojibwe people and some Cree people, or anybody who understands," Keesic says.

He says he has one very simple but meaningful way to measure his success. 

"If somebody would say to me 'I got saved through your YouTube' or if one person would tell me 'you have encouraged me' that would be a success. Just one person, that is all I need to encourage me."

One verse at a time, Keesic will be posting a video with the verse, saying he will talk about it as the Holy Spirit leads him.

"Everything I do there will be an invitation at the end to invite Jesus Christ into your heart. Very basic."

Keesoc says he has a "few more years" ahead of him and wants to spend it sharing the gospel with others. Keesic says that he understands some people may have issues or concerns and is inviting listeners with questions to call him and discuss it one-on-one with people.

Considering himself to be a linguist of sorts, Keesic is proud of his Ojibwe language. He says not only does this project share the gospel, but it also promotes the language.

"The guy I am working with says we can even do the basic Ojibwe language later on and how to spell it. You know the very basics of it. We have all kinds of ideas."

Keesic says each video will be approximately five to six minutes each.