Many mall-goers are choosing to shop today in an effort to combat cabin fever. 

Today is the first day of Phase 1 of the Province's plan to reopen the economy.

Despite anticipated reopenings, the St. Vital Mall saw only a handful of people waiting for its doors to open. The parking lots were mostly empty, with less than 30 people waiting at 11 a.m. at each of the two restricted entrances.

Some mall-goers were excited to get back to their regular routine of visiting the mall, and others are glad to be back after what felt like was "many months" of waiting.

"The mall has been I (thought) 'let's visit," one mall-goer says.

Many shoppers were looking for an excuse to leave their homes, but others were looking to support local businesses.

"My hairdresser is a friend," a woman waiting to get her hair done says. "I am going home right after."

Shopping facilities such as the St. Vital Mall are placing restrictions, allowing the mall to monitor the number of people entering the facility.