A woman known for loving God and living life to the fullest, Luci Swindoll, has passed away after contracting COVID earlier this week.

She enjoyed a life lived on her own, publishing a book in 2003 called I Married Adventure: Looking at Life Through the Lens of Possibility, covering her joy in being single. 

From her close friends, Swindoll was a woman filled with joy and laughter. 

During a TV interview, she said, "Legalism is the worst thing that ever happened to the church. When I realized that God deals in grace… it set me free to be who I really am."

Swindoll was also a well-known speaker with Women of Faith, an organization that was launched in the 90s as a counterpart to the men's ministry Promise Keepers. 

She worked for years alongside other speakers like Sheila Walsh, Thelma Wells, Patsy Clairmont, Marilyn Meberg. Their last tour was in 2015.

Ahhh dear ones: our dear Luci is now happily in her new heavenly home. She was escorted through those pearly gates just a few hours ago on this Tuesday, October 20, 2020 She was so ready. She had COVID and was isolated. Now, no COVID and surrounded by “loved ones”!
Yeah Jesus😇

— marilynmeberg (@marilynmeberg) October 20, 2020

At the beginning of Women of Faith, the conference drew roughly 2,000 people, but by the time they decided to end this particular ministry, they drew crowds of up to 20,000 women. 

After working for Mobil Oil in Dallas, TX for 30 years, she got into writing, speaking, and travelling. She was also the prominent speaker and pastor Chuck Swindoll's older sister.

She felt that God told her, "I have given you life, Luci. It’s a gift. Now, I want you to live that life by embracing the whole world."


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There was no one quite like her. We toured together for 20 years with Women Of Faith and now Luci Swindoll is home free-living the greatest adventure of all. You will be missed darling friend. Rest in joy ❤️

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Although she was engaged once, she never married, which initially disappointed her mother greatly.

“I learned it was okay to be myself and like myself—and survive—in spite of my mother’s strong disapproval. She had no category for me because I thwarted her domestic dreams for her only daughter," she says.

In an article written by her brother Chuck in DTS Magazine, he shares more of what Luci's idea of singleness meant to her. 

"When I’m with the Lord face to face, it is my own life that I lay down and not the prefabrication of one who always tried to be somebody else."