More than 23,000 pounds of fresh produce has been donated to local food banks since spring, but that total is only going to grow.

In 1985, Harvest Manitoba, formally known as Winnipeg Harvest, began a program called Grow-A-Row. More than 35 years later, it continues to see success.

"An overwhelming amount of folks request more fresh produce and so when we are able to provide that everyone is really happy," Meaghan Erbus, Senior Manager of Community Food Network and Advocacy, says. 

While they are able to provide many pantry goods like soup cans and pasta, fresh produce from gardens is welcome and, thanks to donors, abundant. 

"We have had already ninety-seven donations, equalling over twenty-three thousand pounds of a variety of different vegetables from people's gardens donated to us."

She is expecting many more donations to come in next month. They are requesting donations of potatoes, onions, and carrots as they have a longer shelf life but welcome all produce and any donation amount.

"If you have just a little bit but have too much (produce) and want to share it, we can share it as well for you on your behalf."

Commonly donated goods include crab apples and zucchini, anticipating plenty of squashes and pumpkins to arrive at their Winnipeg Avenue doors soon.

Erbus says it is not a problem if the product is somewhat obscure, saying they set the recipient up with recipes and resources to take advantage of the produce.

On Monday, Harvest Manitoba welcomed Vince Barletta as their newest CEO and President, replacing former CEO Keren Taylor-Hughes.