A Winnipeg woman is sharing how she got into missions work after her husband suddenly passed away.

Erlinda (Lin) Arceo is a Mission Representative and Volunteer Coordinator with Engage Today, a ministry once called Advancing Indigenous Missions (AIM). 

"In June 2016, my husband was the pastor of Living Christ Community Church, died of a heart attack when I was in the Philippians," she says.

Three months prior, Arceo had lost her job. This allowed her to go help her father in the Philippians during his operation and recovery. Upon returning to Canada and her husband's death, Arceo decided to volunteer with what was then called AIM.

"They were really kind with me. Sometimes I was here, just staring at the computer. God allowed me to draw closer to Him. God surrounded me with people who love Him, the word of God, and missions."

It was this that helped Arceo heal after losing her husband. 

"It was hard and I stumble, but truly the Lord is faithful. Though we stumble, the Lord will raise us up."

Eventually, Arceo went on to become staff at Engage Today and she's been on multiple missions trips including to Myanmar, Nepal, and India. 

50/50 Challenge

"In April this year, I started praying to Lord to be active in the ministry to encourage our brothers and sisters. The Lord gave me the 50/50 Challenge in July. It's called Go to God, Go for God. He is teaching me that apart from Him we cannot do anything."

Arceo says the challenge had two parts. The first was to share the gospel with 50 people in Manitoba. The second part was to encourage 50 Christians to pray for their role in the Great Commission worldwide. 

"Before we go for God, we need to go to God first. God did amazing things. The first challenge, by God's grace, God accomplished by September 11. The Lord directed me to ask for help from my Bible study group."

In the second challenge, Arceo got 234 people to pray for missionaries in Asia, as well as their own role in the Great Commission. This far surpassed her goal of getting 50 people to pray. 

For people who may be frightened to share their Christian faith with others, Arceo says, "Go to God. He'll give you the strength. God is inviting us in this great work of sharing the gospel. One thing that is so exciting when we go out and share the gospel is that we can see how God moves."

Arceo is happy to talk with anyone looking to share their faith but they don't know where to start. People can call the office at Engage Today.