Jeremy Camp is opening up about the depth of songs on his new album When You Speak.

"One of the things I know is that I can always express those deep things through songwriting. I’m so thankful for that outlet for this season of life and feel like this new album is a glimpse into that process," says Camp on the day of the release.

The new album was released on September 10, 2021, and it includes 13 new songs. 

"What a journey this past year and a half has been. I know we’ve all experienced different challenges/ disappointments and things not being anything what we thought they were going to be," says Camp on Facebook. "I’m so thankful for God's patience with me in the learning process, and comfort and faithfulness more than ever before."

Many of the songs reference the hard time people went through since the beginning of the pandemic, including himself. 

"When everything started with the pandemic and everyone’s lives were completely interrupted, I remember just thinking that I can’t wait to get through this. And we’re still trying to get through this, and it’s not even a bad thing to say, but God really spoke to my heart in a clear way."

'When You Speak' is also the title track, which Camp pre-released as a single before the album came out. In an interview with The Christian Beat, Camp explains how God spoke to him during the past year and a half.

"It changed my perspective of wanting to just get through this, to ask the Lord what He wanted to teach me in this time. Obviously, everything is different, everything is changed, and I’m not in control. And it really sent me on this trajectory that I need to trust Him."

After a year and a half off from touring, Camp says he's excited to be back touring this fall/winter. 

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