Darren Mulligan is grateful to be alive after his truck hit some ice this morning and he crashed. 

"A couple of hours ago I hit some ice on a bridge on 840 travelling to the airport," says Mulligan on Instagram Friday morning. "My truck lost all traction, slid across both lanes, down through the verge separating east and west highways and began sliding towards another vehicle on the opposite side of the road."

Mulligan, the lead singer of the Christian band We Are Messengers, was on his way to the airport to catch a flight to his next show in Colorado. 

"I couldn’t bear the thought of someone being hurt so I did everything I could to flip my vehicle off the road and that’s what I did. It is a miracle that I’m alive, I’m a little sore but I walked out of that vehicle without a scratch."


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After Mulligan realized he was okay, he went searching for his phone, backpack, and guitar. It was then he heard a voice. 

"It was a young man called Efrain who was on his way to work. His was the car that was coming the opposite direction. Efrain was so kind to me, his only thought was to make sure I was ok. He drove me to the airport so I could go about the work God has called this band to."

Mulligan is on his way to play his next show as planned, grateful he still can. 

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"10 seconds before the accident I had been talking with Jesus and I said out loud “my life has always been in your hands and it still is”. I guess God put that to the test and He has once again proved Himself unbelievably kind. Expecting big things from the Lord tonight. I am a very grateful man, more than ever and I’m convinced this too is the goodness of God in my life."

We are Messengers are playing their show in Greeley, Colorado Friday evening.