Tourists may once again be allowed into Israel within a couple of weeks, but Canadians may have to wait a while longer.

For the most part, the Times of Israel explains, tourists have been banned from the country since the beginning of the pandemic. In May of 2021 very limited numbers of tourists were allowed to begin entering as part of organized tour groups. 

Now, that could change as soon as November 1, with fully vaccinated individuals being allowed to enter. However, it's believed those individuals will be limited to approximately 40 countries, mostly from the EU, with which Israel already has agreements to recognize vaccination certificates. So far, Israel does not have a similar agreement with Canada, the U.S. or the U.K.

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Hebrew language newspapers reported that the plan says that tourists would need to have received their second dose of an approved vaccine, or a booster shot, within the last six months in order to enter the country.

People would also need to have a COVID test within a 72-hour window before their travel to Israel, as well as a second rapid test when they arrive at Ben Gurion Airport. Travellers would then stay in quarantine until they receive a negative test.

Israel's Tourism Ministry wouldn't make an official comment on the plan until it's finalized. “As soon as the outline is confirmed and approved, we will publish it in an orderly manner,” an official says.

The report says that fully vaccinated tourists from other countries may be able to enter Israel as soon as November 21.