RCMP Manitoba says they are taking alligations of an on-duty RCMP officer intentionally injuring an animal very seriously.

An officer stationed in Northern Manitoba is on administrative duty following accusations of animal cruelty. 

RCMP Manitoba says their North District officers received a report on Thursday saying an on-duty officer driving a police vehicle at 3:40 p.m. intentionally struck a dog sitting in the roadway in Pukatawagan, a remote community approximately 210 kilometres north of The Pas.

Mounties say senior officers immediately began investigating. They were unable to locate the dog believed to have been struck. 

RCMP says they are conducting a Code of Conduct investigation into this matter. The officer is not returning to the community on duty. RCMP says they are not releasing any personal information for officer facing the alligations as it could identify them. 

On Tuesday, RCMP Manitoba alerted the Manitoba Independent Investigation Unit (IIU).

"We take this incident very seriously and support the IIU’s investigation. The RCMP has dogs that are an important part of our investigative teams and many of our officers work with rescue groups to help animals find homes," RCMP Manitoba says in a statement.

IIU's director says that it is in the public's best interest for them to conduct an investigation. 

Those who have information or video footage that may assist this investigation are asked to contact the IIU toll free at 1-844-667-6060.

Neither the IIU or RCMP Manitoba are able to provide further details to the public as it is now an open investigation.