For Made in Manitoba artist, Emmy Xornam, singing was always a passion in her life, and now she is using it to point others to God.

For Xornam, most songs are inspired by what she goes through on a day-to-day basis and as she meditates on Scripture. "Life situations birth specific songs in my life or in my journeys."

While artists each have their own process of how to craft a song, Xornam says for her it takes time. "I could just be humming something. Not necessarily having words or putting words to it and then eventually, I meditate a lot on the songs or the melodies. So eventually the paths will just begin to form. I wouldn't say, 'Okay, I'm taking a pen and a paper today. I'm going to write 10 songs.' No, that's not how it goes."

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Combining her faith with her musical talent, Xornam says it's a huge part of it, especially in her song, 'The Song of Miriam'. "I was reading my scripture for the day, the story where God led the Israelites out of Egypt. When Miriam led the women to sing after they had been delivered, they went through the Red Sea. So in verse 21, it says, 'Sing to the Lord and I just meditated on that story.' "

As an artist, Xornam describes herself as spiritual, joyful, and soothing, while bringing hope. "I believe that every song comes with a message for specific people, and it's supposed to achieve specific purposes at different seasons and even times. For most of my songs, it's a song that is really meant to touch and bless and bring people closer to a warm, embracing relationship with God."

Xornam says she is working on an EP which will include 'The Song of Miriam', as well as four or five other songs. "Hopefully we will have one song off the EP released this year, which is titled 'The Sacrifice' and one of the people who recently listened to it, said 'This song just takes me to Calvary.' So it's a song that I want to say everybody should be expectant and hopeful."

You can watch the music video for 'The Song of Miriam' below.