Popular Christian author Rachel Held Evans remains in a coma according to an update given by her husband on April 28.

In the update, Evans remains in the medically-induced coma she was put in due to a combination of health complications which included the flu, a urinary tract infection, and an allergic reaction to medication she had been given.

The coma was induced to assist in preventing seizures, said Evans' husband in the update. However, remaining in a comatose state comes with its own set of problems.

"Coma is not a long term solution and there are risks associated with continuing to induce coma," Evans' husband posted.

Medical tests remain currently outstanding as well, for which Evans' husband says results are still pending.

"Drs are working to find a combination of medications to allow them to wean her from the coma medication without seizures restarting," the post explained.

An earlier update provided information regarding Evans' course of treatment. "She is not being treated for an infection at this time. She is being treated for the seizure activity," her husband wrote.

Continue to keep Evans and her family in your prayers as they deal with this difficult time.