Family and friends say that Hillsong worship leader Chelsea Taylor's condition has worsened somewhat over the past two days and are asking for prayer.

Taylor suffered a brain aneurysm on  August 18 while leading worship. She immediately underwent a nine-hour surgery and had been doing quite well since then. There had even been talk of her attending church this Sunday, September 1.

"We need prayer RIGHT NOW!"

However, friends announced on August 28 that Taylor has developed "a left arm and facial droop." Emma Fellers, a friend of Taylor's, says in an Instagram post that doctors believed Taylor's brain had spasmed.

Fellers says that Taylor underwent a three-hour angiogram "to take care of the potential vasospasms in her brain." She says that Taylor will need to continue to undergo the angiograms if the vasospasms continue. "We are praying against these. God is faithful and we are believing for them to stop TODAY."

Taylor's mom released an update Friday morning (Sydney time) saying "Chelsea didn't go ito surgery because of another emergency, but will be first tomorrow. A bit of a hard day for her being nil by mouth but they have raised her blood pressure to keep her vessels open. They have also given her endone today so she has less pain. She seems to be doing really well and the ICU doctors are pleased with her progress."

Her family and friends are asking for people to continue in prayer with them.

"Keep on praying," Fellers says. "She isn't out of the woods yet and still needs miraculous turnaround!"