A Winnipeg business owner is praising police after officers brought a quick end to a frightening incident Saturday afternoon.

Katie Renae is the owner of The Dog Loft Inc. in Saint Boniface. She says a woman armed with a rifle entered the business vestibule and wouldn't leave.

"I would like to make a HUGE shout out to Winnipeg’s finest police officers! Your quick response to the life or death situation today, saved the lives of many," Renae writes in a post on the business's Facebook page. "There are no words for how deeply appreciated your presence was. THANK-YOU!!"

The woman had no connection to the business or staff, Renae says. She also says her quick-thinking staff members were able to calmly move all the dogs to a safe space while police responded. "And to my team, how you all remained calm in the most terrifying situation and worked as a team to move the dogs into a protected area to ensure their safety... you’re bravery and quick thinking will not go unrecognized."

The Winnipeg Police Service is expected to release more information on Sunday. Renae says that over a dozen officers responded.

"I’m happy to report no one was hurt and everyone is safe. Nearly 15 Winnipeg Police Officers were here within moments and successfully took this individual into custody!

"From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the Winnipeg Police Service for you’re heroic action in today’s situation and for keeping my team and our dogs safe!"