Haiti’s transitional presidential council released its first statement Wednesday, sharing hopes that it will soon choose a new prime minister. The council promised to restore “public and democratic order” in Haiti.

Meanwhile, the country’s downward spiral continues. UN authorities report that approximately 1.64 million people in Haiti experience emergency levels of acute food insecurity. 

But there is still hope. Greg Yoder with Christian World Outreach (CWO) says,

"Believers still trust that God will intervene, and they’re praying for that."

Although gangs control around 80% of Port-au-Prince, CWO is still on the ground. Their center opens its doors to children remaining in the city. 

More than 33,000 people are estimated to have fled Port-au-Prince within a two-week period. Yoder says their program hasn’t seen an increase in the number of kids coming in. 

"The increase is with the cost of food," he says. "The cost of us feeding the kids has gone up."

The CWO center has also continued offering vocational training for women.

"When the ladies can get there, they get there. The Haitian people are resilient. They will do anything, you know, these ladies, to get their education that they want, this vocational training. It’s amazing to see," Yoder says. 

Pray that Christians will clearly show God’s love as they meet peoples’ physical needs and share the gospel with them. 

"They’re very receptive. That’s one of the things with the feeding program — we’re still sharing the Bible with the kids. With the Feminine Training Center, they have their daily devotions before class and their chapel once a week," Yoder says. 

CWO is accepting funds for relief in Haiti. They look for ways to help Haitians, whether by providing food or by helping them relocate. Learn more about that here.