A Christian nurse who spent almost two weeks in captivity with her infant daughter in Haiti has broken her silence.

Alix Dorsaninvil, who worked for the nonprofit Christian ministry El Roi Haiti, and her daughter, were kidnapped by armed men in Port au Prince and held hostage for two weeks.

Dorsaninvil was kidnapped from the clinic she works at on July 27 and was held captive with her infant for 13 days.

On the weekend she released a statement through El Roi thanking people for their support.

"I am completely humbled by the outpouring of support and prayer for myself and my sweet baby both during and following our time in captivity," the release says. "God was so very present in the fire with us and I pray that when I find the words to tell our story, that the mighty name of Jesus may be glorified and many people will come to know his love. Thank you all from the depths of my heart for your love.

"This song, 'See a Victory,' (Elevation Music) was my battle cry during the most difficult moments. There’s a part that says, 'You take what the enemy meant for evil, and you turn it for good.' And that is what he is already doing and will continue to do."

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