A man who found a young boy who had been missing for four days says it was all thanks to God's leading.

Christopher Ramirez, 3, went missing from his Texas home around 1:30 on Wednesday, Oct. 4, while chasing the family dog into the woods, according to ABC News. The dog returned, but the child never did.

A large search had been going on for several days already when Tim Halfin learned about the missing boy while at a Bible study Saturday morning. The man says that he felt a prompting from God to go and search his property after hearing the news.

"Even though things look bleak, there's always tomorrow. God's mercies are new every day."

Halfman tells ABC's Good Morning America that he went into the woods just before noon, and after searching for a while he heard what he thought was a child's whimper.

"I said, 'Christopher is that you?'" Halfin said. "Then he speaks again and I'm like, 'Whoa, praise God.'"

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Halfman called 911 and relayed to Sherrif's officers that the boy was found. Recorded radio transmissions from Texas Rangers relays even officers were praising God. "The child was found alive," one officer can be heard reporting over the radio. "He is alive and thirsty, he is with his mother and is going to the hospital." "Praise the Lord," an officer replies, to which the other officer says, "Yes sir,  yes sir."

The boys mother called his rescue a miracle.

"I don't know what to make of it. All I know is he was found safe," Halfin said. "When I picked him up, he was still talking. He wasn't shaking, he wasn't nervous. The things I would expect. Maybe he just sensed, 'I've been found.'"

"That's what it's all about right there," Halfin says. "That's why everybody was praying. That's why God laid it on my heart to go look, to reunite that boy with his mom.

"I think the story is do not give up hope," Halfin says. "Even though things look bleak, there's always tomorrow. God's mercies are new every day."