An author is using his hands to recreate biblical stories with well-known toys.

Michael Sommer is best known for his work as a German historian but recently, he is taking his talents as a storyteller to bring the Bible to life.

Sommer's latest project can be found on YouTube. His project, "The Bible to go" is using Playmobil to tell the Evangelical story of the 66 books of the Bible. He is doing this in partnership with Evangelisch.ed.

"Michael Sommer reenacts the 66 books of the Bible with his Playmobil ensemble. In 66 videos he brings every book of the Bible to the point in around 10 minutes every week. And you can also smile,"  Evangelisch.ed says.

He will be releasing one video a week.

There is a wide range of figures in the series representing the people in the Bible, including figures in a range of colours, and a cow painted gold.

Sommer has previously used Playmobil to tell other stories including Shakespear.