Two northeastern communities were evacuated because of fires, but their pets had to be left behind and are now in desperate need of food. 

While community members were being evacuated from Little Grand Rapids and Pauingassi, pets had to be left behind. The Canadian Red Cross has been working on feeding efforts but no longer have any food for the animals.

Norway House Animal Rescue (NHAR) is teaming up with the Red Cross to gather food and deliver it out to the two communities. They need the communities help as well.

"What we're looking for is supplies, dog food and cat food, for the animals that have been left behind," explained Debra Vandekerkhove, director of NHAR.

The pets have been there for over a week since the evacuation, Vandekerkhove explained, and the situation is dire.

"We estimated we need at minimum about 30,000 pounds of food," Vandekerkhove said. NHAR is working with Sustainable Development and the RCMP of Manitoba to fly the food up once it's donated over a two week period. 

If you want to make a donation, Vandekerkhove says you can contact them via their Facebook page. Pet Value on McPhillips has offered to be a drop-off point for food as well. You can purchase food at the store or phone and designate it for the northern fires.

Vandekerkhove says they are also in desperate need of volunteers. In particular, they need drivers to bring the food from Winnipeg out to Lac De Bonnet and onto the plane. You can contact her at 204-781-4648 or email

A large wildfire continues to burn between the First Nation communities of Little Grand Rapids and Pauingassi. The fire, now at 25,000 hectares in size, is still not under control according to the Province of Manitoba. Crews say recent rains have helped but they have not been able to lift the evacuation order.