Fatal crashes are below average this summer, but the RCMP still encourage safety, especially going into the final summer long weekend.

"The numbers are actually still down compared to our five-year average," said Sgt. Mark Hume of the RCMP. "However, it's been a very bad last few weeks."

Sgt. Hume says there were six people killed in an eight-day period due to collisions on the road. That adds up to 46 fatal crashes with 52 people killed, which puts them slightly below that five-year average. 

The long weekends can be dangerous, due to the amount of people driving on the roads, but there is no difference between the days.

"The whole weekend seems to be about the same," Sgt. Hume said. "[However], in my own opinion, we typically see more drinking and driving, and more traffic offences like speeding."

Along with the typical traffic that is leaving for the long weekend, it's also harvest time this weekend, meaning lots of farm equipment will be out on the roads. Sgt. Hume says the best way to stay safe is to just pay attention.

"That's one of the messages we say constantly," Sgt. Hume said. "Whether that be don't text and drive or don't drink and drive."

He also says the vast majority of single vehicle accidents are survivable if you are wearing a seatbelt.