23,000 Bibles made their way across the North Korea border last year.

Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) Korea says these were the Bibles they sent, according to Mission News Network.

Eric Foley, CEO and co-founder of the organization, says they hope to increase that amount by 30 per cent in 2021, as the Lord allows.

This year was a record year for Bible requests coming from North Korea, Foley says.

In spite of the South Korean government halting balloon launches across the border, which was one way the organization had been previously able to distribute Bibles, VOM says they've found other ways to share the Word of God. This included a doubling of hand-to-hand Bible distribution over the border in 2020.

"God isn’t tied to only one particular distribution method. And certainly, the demand for Bibles is never restricted by what governments do or don’t do," Foley says.

In addition, VOM still uses balloons as a distribution method when winds are favourable.

Foley is currently facing charges for launching balloons with Bibles into North Korea.

"Balloon launching is still the most cost-effective way to get large numbers of Bibles into the southern portion of North Korea, which is where the greatest concentration of population is," Foley explains. "And also, it is where the more affluent, higher-level people in the political environment are."

An underground network of Christians in North Korea and surrounding countries makes up the system that transports the Bibles into the country. The system can be time-consuming, but Foley says it works.

"When you’re patient, and you take a multi-year approach, there are many different ways that you can move Bibles in an underground network."

The organization has plans for up to the next 10 years for ongoing Bible distribution to areas where Christianity is under government restrictions.