An extreme cold warning will come to an end later today, but it will be followed up with another Alberta Clipper. 

Chris Stammers is a meteorologist with Environment Canada. He says this system will bring an end to the extreme cold for the foreseeable future.

"It's going to usher in the warmer air. It kind of is a trade-off. It's going to get us out of that extreme cold, but it will be bringing some more snow our way," said Stammers.

In Winnipeg, the snow will start overnight, Friday. We can expect to see anywhere from 5-10 centimetres of new snow on the ground by the time it tapers off later in the day, Saturday.

"It's not quite as strong as the last system. We may have some blowing snow overnight, but we are not expecting widespread blowing snow or blizzard conditions like earlier in the week."

Starting next week, we can expect to see the mercury rise, with an expected high of 1°C on Tuesday.