The province says they are continuing to "lift Manitobans out of poverty" with its latest program aimed at helping Manitobans get back to work.

The Winnipeg Foundation will be managing a $20-million endowment from provincial dollars established to be used for community partners as they help Manitobans re-enter the job force.

"As we exit this unprecedented time in our history, the economy is recovering, employers are hiring once again, and people are needing to get ready to get back to work," Opportunities for Employment Executive Director Shawn Mahoney says in a Wednesday press conference.

He says since the 90s, Opportunities for Employment and the province have been working together, helping thousands of Manitobas find work.

"Many just need a hand up, not a handout," Mahoney says. "There is hope for a better future for a job that is not out there somewhere, but a future that is waiting for you."

The Executive Director says job training will build self-confidence and self-worth. 

Families Minister Rochelle Squires says the grants will open in 2022. Stakeholders, and research grant and employment support programs will be consulted to decide who will be eligible. She says wage subsidies, work placements, financial and wellness supports, culturally appropriate pre-employment programs, and unique partnerships with employers and community supports are all on the table.

Manitoba's unemployment rate as of March 31 is 6.8 per cent. Young women continue to face the most difficulties getting back into the workforce.