Finding courage always begins with fear itself- fear of the Lord, that's according to Katie Westenberg, an author, wife and mom of four.

"When fear creeps close the last thing you need is someone on social media telling you to power through," says Westenberg. "You need something far more potent."

That's why she decided to write, I Choose Brave. She says by digging into scripture and vulnerable sharing her own story of facing heart-wrenching fears, this book is crafted to both honestly and gently to help you.

The three most important steps we need to take to get away from fear and to a place of peace is to discover a fresh take on old truth that aligns our fears, understand why the culture's idea of fearlessness is farce and take hold of the holy courage we were created for.

"With this wisdom comes freedom," says Westenbeg.

Today on Connections, Katie talks about how we can respond when we’re fighting things we never expected and how we can choose to be brave.