Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) recipients and children in care will continue to receive oral health care coverage for the next several years.

A renewed agreement and $32 million funding over the course of the next three years will ensure Manitobans will be able to see the dentist.

Minister Rochelle Squires says all children in care continue to have their dental work covered by the province. They will cover 90 per cent of care costs and the dentists are covering the other 10.

"We want all children in care to have good oral hygiene and access to dental care so that they can have healthy teeth and beautiful smiles. We think that is really important to establishing confidence and good health," Squires says

For adults on EIA, they can continue to receive basic dental care up to 24 months after they have gotten a job if their place of work does not provide dental care insurance.

"While the EIA dental plan is basic and provides limited coverage, we are happy to see no changes significant given the financial pressures faces by the government during the pandemic," Dr. Marc Mollot,  Manitoba Dental Association's immediate past-president.

He says oral health conditions are health conditions. Mollot says poverty plays a significant role in oral hygiene and is glad to see Manitobans in need get coverage for critical care.

Squires says if a child is in care or an adult is receiving EIA benefits they are covered.