Folklorama is inviting locals to explore Winnipeg's rich cultural scene with a prize-worthy quest.

The cultural festival's Executive Director, Teresa Cotroneo, shares that they often get feedback from people saying they love exploring Winnipeg during Folklorama. Even though the festival is taking a different form this year, the team wanted to give people that experience this summer.

This year, Folkorama has created two scavenger hunts across Winnipeg. Cotroneo says Winnipeggers can choose to do one or both hunts as either a "Foodie" or an "Explorer."

"To take part, they would take a photo of where they are, tag Folklorama or use #myfolklorama at each location that they go to and they will automatically receive an entry for every time they tag us."

Thinking ahead to next year, the winning prize for this year's scavenger hunt are Easy Access Passes to next year's festival and other prizes.

"I think you probably could (complete a list in a day.) It is just a manner of planning out your strategy, just like people plan out there pavilion routes."

Creating the two distinctive hunts, Folklorama's challenges are creating exciting goals for the culturally-curious.

"Folklorama is driven by our member communities," Cotroneo says. "We thought this was a neat idea, where they are actually able to share something special to them."

Chosen by Folklorama volunteers, ambassadors, and others involved, a total of 28 spots on two distinctive routes with cultural significance have been chosen as challenge locations.

Locations include two Winnipeg churches, a Caribbean restaurant, and many other places of cultural significance in Winnipeg.

The hunt begins Sunday, August 2 and lasts until Saturday, August 15.