According to weather experts, southern Manitoba may experience the biggest snowfall of the year starting next Wednesday. 

Scott Kehler, President, and Chief Scientist at Weatherlogics in Winnipeg said that a low-pressure system will be making its way across southern Manitoba starting sometime late Wednesday to Friday.

"What we see is a low-pressure system developing in the central U.S, called a 'Colorado low,'" says Kehler. "It then moves northeastward to the northern states and then eventually into southern Manitoba possibly bringing significant snowfall by mid to late next week."

The amount of snow that southern Manitoba might experience could fluctuate depending on the days preceding the storm. The system could potentially miss Manitoba entirely, or the province could experience the storm head-on.

"It's very likely that the track of the storm will shift. The best-case scenario is that it misses us entirely which is still possible. It could end up tracking more south. Right now the consensus of all the long-range weather models does show it impacting southern Manitoba. Under the worst case we could be looking at more than 30 cm of snow, and perhaps even a lot more than that if the system reached the maximum potential."

The risk of flooding this spring is on the rise, and with this coming snowstorm, southern Manitoba could see an even bigger spike in the flood risk. 

"From a weather perspective, this amount of precipitation at this time of year is never good for flooding because our ground is still not thawed and so its ability to take up moisture is more limited. Also, we still have significant runoff occurring, the snowmelt from the winter that already happened hasn't ended," says Kehler.