The day started off near 0 degrees, but by the end of the day Winnipeg, and most of southern Manitoba, will be back to more average temperatures.

An Alberta Clipper moved through the area yesterday, which brought with it warm, southerly air, along with the snow and rain. However, as it's moving past, it's now pulling in cold air from northern Canada and the cold front of that low pressure system is now moving through, explains CMOS accredited weather caster, Chris Sumner.  

"That's why today we're going to see temperatures drop anywhere between 8 and 12 degrees by the time we wrap up the work and school day later on this afternoon."

The system is bringing with it strong winds as well. "That means some pretty stiff wind chills developing this afternoon in the city of Winnipeg, probably between -20 and -23. Overnight they'll likely be around -30, and that's pretty much the story for much of southern Manitoba."

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