A Christian university is the first in Winnipeg to mandate students, staff, and faculty to receive three COVID-19 vaccines and be tested regularly.

Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) says in a news release that all adults must get a third COVID-19 vaccine for the winter term.

A current surge in demand for third doses is creating scarce appointment availability across Winnipeg, but the school will be hosting a pop-up vaccine clinic for their students.

"If you have been unable to get a third dose in the community by that time, you will be able to access a third dose on campus," CMU says in the release.

The term will begin online for students, heading back in person on January 24.

"It’s our hope that by deferring in-person classes to January 24 that students will have enough time to receive or at least book their third shot in time to attend in-person," Kevin Kilbrei, Director of Communications and Marketing at CMU says in an email. "Consideration will be extended to those who require more time—especially those who are from out-of-province (where third doses are more difficult to come by than in Manitoba) or as international students."

When people return to campus, mask requirements will increase to three-ply surgical, N95, KN95, or a doubled mask of a cloth mask over a two-ply mask.

All students, staff, and faculty will need to take a rapid COVID-9 test twice a week as part of the school's program.

"Contracting COVID-19 is likely for many of us in the coming wave. While this can be distressing, do not be ashamed or embarrassed; it doesn't mean you did anything wrong! Honesty and transparency are key to maintaining the health of our community," the CMU statement says.

The University of Manitoba is strongly recommending all adults receive a third vaccine. They are offering them at University Health Service.