The City of Winnipeg says residents near an unstable apartment complex shouldn't be alarmed if they hear a siren sound at two specific times on Tuesday, June 11.

A new siren alarm system has been installed at Birchwood Terrace at 2440 Portage Avenue. The building was suddenly evacuated a month ago when severe structural issues were discovered with the building, prompting concerns it could suddenly collapse. The alarm has been installed "to alert people in the area if there’s a change to the building’s stability, or if there’s a risk of collapse," the City said in a release on Monday.

The new system will be tested twice on Tuesday. A "loud siren" will first go off at 10 a.m. and then again at 7 p.m.

The City says that there is no need for concern when the siren sounds at those two specific times. However, it warns residents that if people hear the siren outside those times people in neighbouring homes and buildings should shelter in place.

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"People who are outside in the area should move away from the area immediately if they hear the siren go off," the release says. "Drivers who hear the siren go off should also exit the area as quickly as possible.

"Residents who are on evacuation alert have been instructed to immediately evacuate if the alarm goes off. They will be notified when it’s safe to return home.

"An audible 'all clear' will be announced using a loudspeaker when the area has been deemed safe.

"There is also a possibility of a false alarm. If this happens, residents should treat it as a real alarm.

"The alarm system is expected to remain in place for the next three to four weeks."