Christians in Burkina Faso have come under attack because of their faith once again.

In the African country, Christian villagers who refuse to convert to Islam are being threatened by IS extremists.

Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) has reported that 2,000 Christians were displaced from the Loroum Province in Burkina Faso. The villagers left their homes because they feared for their lives after facing violence from religious extremists earlier in September.

According to sources in the country working with the Catholic charity, followers of Christ are being forced into the Islamic religion or out of their homes.

This instance of persecution occurred first on September 16, 2019, when extremists arrived in the village of Hitté.

"Some of the men forced the people to enter the church where they threatened the Christians and ordered them to leave their homes in the next three days, while others set fire to whatever they found in their path," the source said. "Now Hitté is empty of any Christians and any catechumens."

The village of Rounga was similarly attacked after Hitté.

ACN reports that nearly 2,000 people have fled from the two villages in total and have secured a temporary place to stay in another village.

Though terrifying, the acts of the IS extremists have brought people in the province together.

"The situation has prompted a spirit of solidarity among the rest of the population in Titao, including the local Muslims, who do not share the radical extremism of the terrorists and who are helping the local Church provide food and water to alleviate the basic needs of the refugees," shared the charity's source.

"Peace has to be restored immediately, for, if not, there could well be reprisals," they continued. "These people have lost everything, and their harvests are also going to be lost, which will result in a famine. The situation is critical."

Social, pastoral, and medical support is currently being organized for those who have been displaced. The Catholic Church, who is working to care for those who have been displaced, is also providing counseling for those who have been traumatized by the situation.