A Christian daycare, open since 1988, says its existence is in jeopardy if it can't find a new home soon.

Natalie Hemminger is the Executive Director of the Little Lambs Christian Preschool.

"I've always loved children. I never saw myself having a career actually and always thought I'd just be a mom but the daycare has become my fifth child. I have four children and all these children are like my fifth child, I care about them so much."

Hemminger became the Executive Director 20 years ago in 2001. It was a nursery school at that time, but once she stepped in, she got it licenced as a daycare.  

In 2015 the organization moved locations. Little Lambs fully renovated their new space to suit the daycare from their surplus funds. 

"We went from 32 preschool spaces to what we have now, 42, four of which are infants under the age of two. We just kept on growing and we have more and more interest all the time."

Before the pandemic hit the preschool had 800 names on their waiting list. At this point, the place that they are currently in is no longer an option, and they need a new space before the summertime. 

"Now we're in a position where it is very difficult to look for a new space with COVID and the lockdown, but we have less than five months to find a new location, renovate, and get everything into place."

The preschool is specifically looking for a place that has outdoor space on the ground floor. 

"We are looking for something in the 2,500-4,500 sq ft range on the main floor, large windows, parking, and an outdoor space."

With a high demand for quality childcare and people bringing their children from outside of Winnipeg, having a space in the south half of Winnipeg would be ideal. 

"Moving forward we don't have the surplus we had at one time. It's put us in a unique position where we need to ask for help for finding something and we actually need help at all levels."

Hemminger asks that anyone with a space that meets their needs contact her via email, llcp@mymts.net, or call 204-475-5222.

"We're looking for prayer from listeners as well, that's the main thing because that is going to open the doors that we need," she says.