After her adult child moved back home during the pandemic, Candace Cameron Bure opens up about how hard this past year has been on the family.

"Navigating parenting and marriage through a pandemic brought on hardships, but by the grace of God we got through them together," Bure posted to her Instagram. 

The Christian author and TV star from Full House and Fuller House says this time in the pandemic brought out tough conversations. 

"My biggest parenting concerns, because I have older children, [is that] they're at that pivotal stage in their life, graduating high school [and] starting college," she said during an interview with Yahoo!life. "And these are big career moments and adjustments in their lives. And Plan A is like, out the window. And so it's really challenging as a parent of young adults to help them navigate their new lives because these are transitional years for them."

Bure and her husband Valeri have three children, Natasha, Lev, and Maksim. 

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"Our daughter moved out and was living in her own apartment but during the pandemic, she moved back home. A parent is always their child's biggest example, but all the more in this pandemic," she says in a video on her Instagram.

Almost married for 25 years, Bure shares that her children have also been a guiding light in the last year as her marriage went through a rough time. 

"It got really hairy after the first few months, like bad," Bure says. "All the things that we have avoided for years talking about, they all surfaced and they were in our face and it was unavoidable to actually have these discussions with one another and work through the real deal crap."

While Bure and her husband faced this hard season, she says their relationship is the better for it. 

"There's always hills and valleys, no matter what. But when you come out of the valley, it is like, hallelujah. You feel like you can accomplish anything. And that's what this pandemic felt like."