Pastor Tomislav Milardovic wasn’t always your friendly neighbourhood pastor. At one point he was involved in drugs and street gangs. 

He also became part of a successful award-winning Canadian rap group called Team Rezofficial. 

For five to six years he was with the band which consisted of two producers and three hip-hop artists. Reaching number one on Much Music’s Rap City gave them celebrity throughout Canada.

So what turn of events happened to go a from well-known hip-hop artist living the dream  - to being an Associate Pastor at Encounter Life Ministries?
Tomislav said at the time he was involved with inner-city gangs and drugs and at around 2005-2007 he had a literal, physical condition with his heart suddenly and it woke him up.

At the age of 23, he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. It was working at only 12 per cent capacity. A young Tomislav was a candidate to get a defibrillator pacemaker.

Being completely naive at the severity of his condition in the hospital bed, Tomislav figured that being put on medication would heal his heart condition. He was informed it didn’t work that way because he had the heart of an 80-year-old man! It would never get better and all he could do was prevent it from getting worse.

His mom’s pastor came to visit Tomislav in the hospital, sharing Jesus and he promised the pastor that he would come to church as soon as he was out of the hospital. The rest is history. Miraculously, God healed him from his congestive heart failure.

Tomislav is passionate about reaching those in dark places with the Gospel. His rap testimony reflects that:

 Lord, forgive me for the sins of my past life
‘Cause I was immature but now it’s time to act right.
I used to act like I was bulletproof because I had a crew and we used to roll with guns too
With the wrong attitudes, tryna own the avenues and my only excuse is I’m just doin’ what I have to do.
I had the love for money - the root of all evil.
And just to get it I would sell drugs and kill my own people.
I feel so bad for the things I did
‘Cause some of them were pregnant the others had kids.
Blinded by the money, I never thought of this,
Taking a baby’s life before it has a chance to live.
But that’s not the end. No, Satan doesn’t win.
‘Cause God’s Word brings Life and He does forgive.
I felt like Paul on the road to Damascus
And God said choose Life or the casket.
A lot’a long days, a lot’a long nights- only thing bright in my life was the club lights.
And when I’m about to fall, I need an alter call, so He can save me from the temptations and alcohol.
Yes, alcohol – drinking like a fish. Spending lots’a money on whoever I was with,
Thinking I can buy happiness if I was rich.
But money was a curse they disguised it as a gift. And I don’t wanna end up like that rich man.
‘Cause that’s like tryna live life in quicksand.
I’d rather give it up to God, it’s in better hands. And compared to my past I’m a better man.
No, better yet, I’m a born again Christian living the laws of God and not religion.
Now, this goes out to my friends who are still lost on the streets and inside the prisons.
We’re all a part of the body of Christ, now, there’s Life that we can live in.