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A proper foundation for your house and your finances can mean the difference between being wiped out or standing strong. 

"It’s not often hurricanes come roaring through a community, but when they do they are likely to destroy everything. That’s exactly what happen in 2008.  Hurricane Ike roared through Gilchrest, Texas destroying everything in sight, knocking over every building and house. Well, all except one," says Merv Peters of Fresh Ground Financial.

"The now infamous yellow house was only one of a few in the area built to withstand a hurricane. The other houses were built too close to the ground to survive the storm."

Peters runs the financial institute alongside his son Brendan.
"Like this yellow house, our finances should be built to withstand the hurricanes that happen in our lives.  The sad reality is most are not. This will leave many families struggling financially should an unexpected emergency happen in their life. But it doesn’t have to be that way."

The Peters are running a financial seminar to help people interested in building a strong financial foundation. 

"There’s a basic blueprint - a plan for how to structure your finances - that anyone and everyone can follow to build strong household finances. Following this blueprint will allow you to financially withstand any hurricane that comes your way in life - a job loss, an illness, an unexpected family death -, and to financially thrive, increasing your wealth for the future when things are going well."

To find out more information on Fresh Ground Financial's 'Grow Your Money Webinar' or to register, click here.