The Evangelical Council of Venezuela is calling for people in that country to "put their hope in God" as years of tension has apparently come to a head in the South American country. 

The Council released a statement on April 30 as the country's opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, has said a coup is underway to oust the regime of Nicolás Maduro. Gunfire has broken out in the capital city, Caracas.

“There is no definitive outlook, but the democratic forces have risked it all," the evangelical body said, according to Evangélico Digital. “The events are being followed with much expectation”, and “people are taking the streets, but not yet in the proportions of other occasions."

Guaidó had declared himself to be President of Venezuela in January of 2019. 

“The atmosphere is a mix of hope, courage, and uncertainty. We’re encouraging people to put their trust in God," the statement says.

Pastor José Piñero who signs the report said that “My personal prayer is this process has a peaceful outcome." But, he adds, "As the immense majority of Venezuelans, I hope it may occur as God wants, but we hope Venezuela will be free."