The RCMP was encouraging motorists to avoid Highway 1 at Highway 207 (Deacon's Corner)

Update 3:08 p.m.: RCMP say that the protest is now over, and traffic is returning to normal

A group of activists has blocked both eastbound lanes of Highway 1 at Deacon's Corner, to bring awareness to some important issues.

The Urban Warrior Alliance, along with allies Idle No More, and American Indian Movement, is slowing traffic and handing out flyers with information, and RCMP is on the scene.

"We got to speak out and we have to walk for these people who can't walk," said Norman Lagemodiere, one of the protestors. "We are here to stand together for the people and we'd like to invite everyone down here.

The First Nations activists said in a media release that they are setting up the blockade to "protest the Canadian government and bring awareness to the youth suicide crisis in First Nations communities as well to the deaths of several indigenous youths in Thunder Bay, Ontario."

The groups are calling on the Liberal government to increase the "availability of mental health services on reserves and provide culturally appropriate resources for youth including in Manitoba."

"We need answers," Lagemodiere said.

The blockade is causing long delays on the highway right now, and RCMP is urging patience for those who are in the lineup.